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Areolar Scars from Breast Reduction or Augmentation can be Eliminated with Medical Permanent Make Up

Pointilism is a technique used when doing a permanent make up procedure on scars from breast reduction or augmentation surgery.  Often, scars occur on the nipple or areolar area after such surgery.  The scars are often white.  

What I found to be the perfect technique to get rid of the scars and complete the areolar area is a technique called pointilism.  A rotary pen is used with a sterile disposable needle.  The need is inserted in the epidermis as a dot and then following several dots of pigment, enough to fill in an entire scar.  Pigment can also be inserted into the areolar for a consistant and natural look so there is no visible scar and surgery at all. 

Iron oxide pigments are used often in shades made for areolar micro pigmentation.  A patch test is done first to establish an exact colour match. 

So there is a solution to your unwanted scars!