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Camouflage Tattooing for Vitilago (hypo-pigmentation)

Camouflage tattooing for Vitilago is not a good idea. A client emails me pictures of her abdomen with camouflage pigment applied to her vitilago (hypo-pigmentation). I was astounded and shocked. This should never have been done. Camouflage Tattooing can be successful but really best for face lift scars and smaller scars especially for lighter skin. Scars on areola’s or darker skinned people is much easier to apply but the lighter the skin and on a larger area, is extremely hard to match to the persons own skin tone. This poor woman was a mess, the colour too orange.

We did an EliminInk test to remove the orange pigment. Once that heals we will remove as much as we can. From here it is advised that she does her own dermal needling with a roller and Environ product of high amounts of Vitamin A C E oil and Hydrating Lotion. This will help reduce scarring and build collagen. As for her vitilago, it is best that she does not attempt to ever get pigment applied for this reason again. Sometimes it is best to not try to change things as you can find yourself in a worse situation. I will be blogging about the process of this clients recovery.