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EliminInk Tattoo Removal

A client had eyebrows placed too low and dark by another practitioner. Why do people apply black to eyebrows, I will never understand? I never use black on eyebrows as black always turns blue! A nice dark brown black is best for those with darker skin tones for eyebrows.

I applied EliminInk to the inner ¼ of each eyebrow. This will take approximately three sessions once the area is fully healed I will apply the eyebrows higher and placed more horizontal, then colour correction to make the brows a brown and not a black.

Saw the client 2 weeks later and healing looks good and lots of colour removed. EliminInk is perfect for permanent make up correction. This client got a consultation for laser removal it would have taken about 12 treatments over 2 years at $200.00 per session. Eliminink is approximately 3 applications at $250.00 per session over 4 month period. Keep in touch I will be blogging about the process.