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Top 8 Lip Improvements From Permanent Makeup

Permanent Make Up can be so beneficial for lip irregularities. We can address:

  1. If your lips are too small: We can exaggerate the lip line slightly.
  2. If your lips are too large: We implant pigment inside of the natural lip line.
  3. If your lips are flat: We use a lighter shade of pigment in the Cupid's bow.
  4. If we need to restore your natural lip line: We outline your lips to create a symmetrical lipline.
  5. If your lips are droopy: We draw the bottom lip line slightly up and out at the corners to give your lips a lift.
  6. If you need a defined Cupid's bow: We can define the bow. Your colours can range from the softest pink- to coral- to a soft red.
  7. An Asymetrical lip line can be made symmetrical with an even outline of the lips, this nicely restores a natural lip line
  8. If your lips have uneven tones, hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation: We blend a colour to balance your natural lip color.

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