How does the MTS Roller™ work?

The roller works in two ways, depending on the model recommended;MTS Roller

1. Cosmetic Roller (CR 2 and CR 3):

  • Up to 7 % of creams are absorbed when applied to the skin
  • Up to 80 % more penetration with cosmetic rolling. (A multitude of tiny channels into the top layer of the skin (epidermis) allows adequate cell nutrition.)
  • The channels close up again within a few hours

2. Medical Roller (CR 5, CR 10, CR 20):

  • These rollers penetrate into the deeper layer of skin (dermis) and the microinjury stimulates (fibroblasts) new collagen and elastin production. Unlike Fraxel, Laser and Thermage where heat is involved to cause the injury, the proteins needed for cell repair are spared with medical rolling and the collagen that forms is more natural.

The Advantages of Using the MTS Roller™

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No risks of burns
  • No risk of discoloration, even with sun exposure
  • No ablation of the epidermis, so the skin is not damaged
  • Naturally stimulates and remodels your own collagen without creating

The Proven Results with the MTS Roller™

  • Lightened pigmentation marks
  • Thicker and tighter skin
  • Restored elasticity
  • Reduced pore size
  • Softened surgical and acne scarring
  • Lessened stretch marks
  • Promotion of hair growth with hair loss products