The Procedure


At the 30 minute consultation, for example the eyebrow procedure, the shape of the eyebrow is considered with the particular face shape and features for a natural look. Alannah will consult each client individually on the best placement and shape or your face. This allows each client to decide how fine or heavy the eyebrow should appear.

Pigments are selected in the same way that we choose regular make-up. Samples of the pigment are applied to the client’s skin topically to determine the most flattering and natural colour for their unique skin tone. All colours are custom mixed and unique, much like natural pigmentation is.


Typically, most procedures take at least an hour. Anesthetic, topical or injection may be used prior to lips and areola micropigmentation.

Most procedures require a touch up and recommended within 3 months. Skin Needling, Melanocyte Restoration and Camouflage are the only services that are priced per half hour.

The client will leave Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing with all the necessary information to ensure proper healing and after care.

After Care

There will be slight swelling and redness that will typically subside within 24-48 hours. Most clients are able to return to normal activities immediately. After the treatment, the client should avoid direct sunlight (except for melanocyte restoration), resist wearing make-up and contact lenses for a couple days. There should also be no direct contact between the treated area and water such as swimming pools/hot tubs, showers, lakes/oceans, etc.  

End results can be viewed by the end of eight weeks.

Follow-up visit

Follow-up appointments can be done in numerous ways.  Either through the phone, text, email or by booking an appointment at Avalon.


Touch-ups are only performed on work done by Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing.  Touch ups are to be completed within 3 months of the initial procedure.  If a client has micropigmentation work done by another technician and wants their touch up applied by Alannah at Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing, the client may be charged the full rate.  If a client has had their application done by Alannah and it has been over a year and there has been substantial fading fees for reapplication would be determined upon consultation.

While Micropigmentation is permanently, as your skin ages and cells are replaced, the results will fade. A typical application will last for two to seven years.  The client is advised to come in for a touch up or reapplication to maintain a refreshed look.


Pigments used in micropigmentation consists of iron oxide, titanium dioxide and synthetic organic FDC colorants. These pigments are subjected to FDA regulations.

Alannah, a former nurse, chooses to buy the highest quality pigments and equipment available to ensure long-term satisfaction. She has many repeat clients. Only sterilized, disposable needles are used.


Micropigmentation is considered a non-surgical procedure, however, allergic reactions and infections may occur. Complications can be significantly reduced by choosing a Certified Cosmetic Practitioner with a medical background and following the after-care instructions properly.