What Clients Are Saying

Quote-leftMy micropigmentation procedure at Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing was the best decision I could have made for myself. Alannah is very professional, she took a great deal of time during our consultation explaining & outlining what she thought would look best and also listening to what I wanted. She had very little to work with as I had almost no brows. The results are wonderful No more wondering if my brows are even or if they've rubbed off.I would not hesitate to recommend Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing. Thank you Alannah for restoring my confidence.
- Ellen Grant

Quote-leftI wanted to let you know that I say "thank you, Alannah" every morning as I get ready for work and don't have to spend time doing my eyebrows. Since I received the permanent eyebrows treatment at Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing, it is such a good feeling to see eyebrows on my face, I can't thank you enough. The best part is that no one has noticed that I had work done, so that is a plus for me. - PattyQuote-Right

I love the results that were achieved with the micropigmentation of my eyebrows. The convenience of having this done is fantastic. - Judy FookQuote-Right

Quote-leftIf I would know how happy I would be with the procedure I had done I would have done it a lot sooner. It's great! - Gail AtkinsonQuote-Right

Quote-leftAlannah recently did Micropigmentation on my eyebrows and I'm so pleased with the outcome. She is such a gentle and caring person and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Also, most importantly, she is an artist and a very good one. She has given me so much more confidence now that I can look into a mirror and feel so much better about myself. Thank you Alannah! - Wanda O'MalleyQuote-Right

Quote-leftI am very pleased with my permanent makeup results. I would certainly recommend Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing because of the professional, friendly, and knowledgeable service. - Frances MoorcroftQuote-Right

Quote-leftI really enjoyed Alannah working on my eyebrows! It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and see my eyebrows, as they were always invisible before I had the procedure of micropigmentation. The shape and colour equals perfection. Now that I have eyebrows I don't have to do up my eyes so much., The eyebrows frame and give character to my face. I feel younger and glamorous. I am so happy! - Pat BartonQuote-Right

Quote-leftFour years ago I was attacked by a dog removing my eyebrow except one corner dangling over my eye and splitting open my mouth, leaving me with 48 stitches and a broken tooth. It was 4 years of dreading the summer heat being embarrassed to go into water for fear of coming out with no eyebrows. I plucked the other side to try and match them, or sweating and having them slide down my face. Then when it rained always being prepared with a hat. If the weather wasn't a factor it was my unsteady hand or the pressure of trying to draw them on evenly. I can not begin to say how thankful I am my friend gave me Alannah's business card. Having my eyebrows tattoo'd on has allowed me to enjoy the summer's again, washing my face, never worrying of smearing them and most important having my self-esteem back. Now when I look in the mirror I'm not reminded of the accident just of my perfect eyebrows. -

Quote-leftThank you Alannah. I've received numerous compliments about my "perfect" eyebrows and "beautiful eyes". Your work as a micropigmentation artist is superb! - GildaQuote-Right

Quote-leftI came to Alannah to have her apply a permanent beauty mark. I had done my research before coming to Avalon Cosmetic Tattooing and had even gone to interview another artist. Though it was only a small mark it was very important to me that the colouring and placement were perfect. I initially decided on Alannah because of her online portfolio. She clearly has a beautiful natural aesthetic. When I arrived to meet her for my consultation I was so glad that she was the artist I chose. Alannah is the perfect balance of compassion and professionalism. She wants her client to have what they want but is not afraid to use her extensive professional judgement to suggest something that might work better. I had my beauty mark done in the summer and could not be happier with the result. I smile every time I look in the mirror. In fact, the result is so natural my doctor expressed concern that I had a new mole that had not been there the last time he saw me. I would recommend Alannah to my mother or best friend without hesitation. - SaraQuote-Right